Friday, 11 October 2013

Creative chemistry day 3

Another amazing day learning some great techniques. Loved the smudge printing and photo tinting techniques best. 
I think that the smudge printing makes amazing backgrounds and think it is something I will use quite a lot. 
I used the photo tinting technique on an image of my brother when he was small and loved how it turned out. I also used the distress glitter on the stars for this tag and like the chunkiness of the coloured distress in comparison to the rock candy version. 
Had a go at brayered stains which makes another interesting background, and my faux glass is still drying. Found that one a little fiddly but that's because the bottles are so small lol. Well that's another day done, hoping to do day 2 later. I have been naughty and not done them in order as I was dying to try the smudge stamping. Another great day of techniques ahead. Can't wait :-) 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102

I have been so busy with work and college and had not had time to do any craftwork :-( Today was my day off though so sent the children off to school and started on day ones creative chemistry lesson. It was great to learn some new techniques. Here are my first attempts at the new things I have learnt. 

 Marbled distress paints. I prefer the second tag to my first one. The paints seemed to marble easier with more water. 
Crackle distress paints. Loved the technique but need to use a different colour palette as I used pinks and purples and they all merged together. 
Altered surfaces. Wow I love this one. I have got a patina finish with the distress paints. Hoping my evergreen bough comes today to add even more of a patina effect. 

Eroded metallics. This technique is my favourite of the day. I need to practice it as I have a couple of picture frames I want to alter this way. I love this finish it looks great. 

Resist stamping and Industrial technique. I love the industrial technique, it would make a great steampunk background. 

I have had a busy morning and learnt so many new things. Can't wait to get started on day 2 but the kitchen sink is full of pots and pans so it will have to wait til this evening! Maybe time for just one more tag lol .....